How to Draw Mysterio

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How to draw Mysterio

Hello! Today we will tell you how to draw Mysterio from Marvel Comics. As you probably know, Mysterio is one of the most famous old-school enemies of Spider-Man.


Step 1

In this paint Mysterio stands practically straight, and it will be pretty easy to draw his figure. Take a pencil and with the help of light lines sketch out the head in the form of an inverted egg (or an oval). After that, draw a line of the spine on which the thorax and pelvis are located. At the end of the step we sketch out the arms and legs.

How to draw Mysterio


Step 2

First draw the neck in the form of a very short cylinder. Than, sketch out a body that narrows in the waist area. Sketch out the shoulders in the form of circles and arms using shapes of cylinders. In the same way we draw the legs and move to the next step.

How to draw Mysterio step by step


Step 3

In different comics, Mysterio has a different appearance. However, he always has a mantle and a crystal ball on his head. Let’s draw these two things in this stage.

How to sketch Mysterio step by step


Step 4

We hope you did not try too hard to draw the oval of the head in the previous stages. Because in this step we will erase everything inside the contours of the crystal ball. Also in this step you should draw some horizontal folds on the fabric that is under the ball.

How to draw Mysterio from Marvel


Step 5

In this step we will draw large pectoral muscles. Under them draw the epigastric angle. And the last step of this step is drawing the outlines of the mantle.

How to draw Mysterio


Step 6

In this step we will draw hands in detail. By the way, we have a special drawing tutorial about how to draw palms and fists. Do not forget to read this post because this is the most difficult part of the body in drawing.

Learn to draw Mysterio


Step 7

This step will be very uncomplicated. Here we draw the contours of the legs. After that, you should erase unnecessary lines from the previous steps.

How to draw Mysterio step by step


Step 8

Draw a pattern in the form of cells on the trunk, arms and legs.

Mysterio drawing tutorial


Step 9

Add shadows to our Mysterio. As you can see, our current drawing is a typical example of comics style in which the shadows are contrasting and bright black. It’s best to draw the shadows in two actions – first outline the contour of the shade, and after that paint the areas of shadows. To draw halftones, use hatching.

How to draw Mysterio

So it was a drawing lesson in which we told you about How to draw Mysterio. It seems we drew all the members of the Sinister Six, did not we?

We have Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino and Dr. Octopus. Now we have Mysterio. It turns out that we lack only Electro, right? Follow our website and we will draw it soon. Good luck!

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