How to Draw Hands

how to draw hands


Hello, everybody! Welcome to Today we will show you how to draw hands. Hands draw is very difficult, because they are composed of many bones and tendons are very mobile. In this tutorial, we will try as much as possible more to tell you all the details in the drawing hands.


Step 1

At first we will draw a rectangle to create the main part of the hand. Then divide the upper line of the trapezoid into the four parts, to indicate the base of the fingers.

how to draw a hand

Step 2

Next, we need to draw the fingers. In order to properly draw the fingers, you should know that the length of the middle finger is equal to the length of the main part of the palm, which we drew in the previous step.

how to draw hands

Step 3

So, draw the fingers. And now look at the proportions of the other fingers, the index and ring finger is slightly shorter than the middle finger. Also pay attention the knuckles and their location. We drew three curved lines to indicate their locations.

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Step 4

Next, we will draw the thumb. Next, we will start to draw the thumb.  Note that the thumb protrudes unlike other fingers. So, draw the triangle to indicate the base of the thumb.

How to draw hands

Step 5

Note that the thumb slightly shorter and thicker than the rest of the fingers.

How to draw hands step by step

Step 6

At this step we will add some details. Sketch out the knuckles and nails. Draw the outside line of the palm, which goes from the base of the little finger down.


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Step 7

Erase the guidelines. Erase the guidelines and add the wrinkles and the lines on the fingers.

Now you know the basic principles of drawing hands. So, let’s draw the hand from the opposite point of view.

First we draw the trapezoid.

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Then add fingers.

drawing lesson


Erase the lines and add the details.

how to draw a palm


As you can see, the principles of drawing exactly the same. Let’s draw the hand from the side.

First draw the rectangle (the trapezoid from the side). Then add fingers. Erase the guidelines and add the details.


how to draw a hand


When you draw the hand from the side, you should pay attention to the fingers. Note, that the tops of fingers are flat, and the bottoms are convex.

hands drawing


Since you learned to draw hands, let’s start to learn to draw fists.

Fists are drawn in the same way as the open hands. First we draw the trapezoid.

how to draw fists

Then sketch out the fingers and knuckles.


how to draw a  fist



Draw the thumb.


how to draw a  fist step by step

Erase the guidelines and add details.

fist drawing

Using this drawing tutorial you can draw hands and fists in any position you wish. And the main advice at the end of the lesson – practice as often as possible, only practice can give you real craftsmanship.

Hands Drawing

It was the drawing lesson about how to draw hands, and as you can see it’s very easy to draw open hands and fists. We hope the tutorial was interesting and informative for you.

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