How to Draw an Apple

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How to draw an apple

We drew a lot of technology created by Apple. And today we will draw a fruit without which it is impossible to imagine all these iPhones and MacBooks.

As you can see we are talking about an apple. But we will not draw a bitten apple. It will be a beautiful fruit as if you are painting a still life. So let’s start this drawing tutorial and find out how how to draw an apple step by step.


Step 1

First we draw a regular circle. Do not try to draw a circle with the perfect shape.

How to draw an apple


Step 2

Now let’s draw an apple outline. Use the circle from the previous step as a guide.

How to draw an apple step by step


Step 3

It will be a very short and simple step. All we need is to draw the contours of the stalk and leaf.

How to draw an apple easy


Step 4

So we almost have the final result. In this step we erase the extra guide contours. Also do not forget to draw symmetrical lines on a leaf.

Apple drawing tutorail


Step 5

You can stop at the last step. However, if you want your drawing to be more correct you need to work with shadows. In this case you can see light shadows that look like wide hatching.

Apple drawing

The tutorial on how to draw an apple was very simple. We hope that everything worked out perfectly for you. See you on the pages of our site!

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