How to Draw an Almond

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Almond drawing

Today we will continue the theme of drawing nuts. To be honest, we would never have thought that it would be interesting to someone.

 But we see that you are attending our previous lessons on this topic and therefore we did another drawing tutorial. So let’s start it and find out how to draw an almond step by step!


Step 1

First we draw the outline of the nut. You can see an oval figure that extends horizontally. One extremity of this figure is very sharp.

How to draw an almond step by step


Step 2

If you have seen almonds, you probably noticed that it is wrapped in a thin skin. Now we will have to draw this texture. It looks like a set of curved horizontal lines inside the contour from the first step.

How to draw an almond easy


Step 3

The last step in this drawing tutorial will be the same as in hundreds of other drawing tutorials. We will work with shadows. In this case, the shadow is located on the bottom of the nut and on the surface of the ground.

How to draw an almond

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