How to Draw a Walnut

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How to draw a walnut

Today we have created one of the most difficult nuts drawing tutorials. We will tell you about how to draw a walnut step by step.

Probably you are already bored with drawing it. However, today we have prepared an interesting shape and uneasy shadows.

Step 1

First we will draw an ordinary round figure. It will be the outlines of the walnut, so try to use very light lines.

How to draw a walnut easy


Step 2

In this step we draw a smooth curved line around the shape from the previous step. In fact, it is very similar to the rings around the planet. Have you ever seen the planet Saturn, have you?

How to draw a walnut step by step


Step 3

In this step we will draw the contours of the nut kernel. You should use smooth wavy lines as you can see in our image.

How to draw a walnut step by step easy


Step 4

Erase the extra guide lines from the previous steps. Mark the final contours of the walnut core with clear dark lines.

How to draw a nut


Step 5

We need to make our result more realistic, right? To do this we will add some shadows. For this we traditionally use hatching.

Walnut drawing

We hope that you have the same walnut as in our example. Please write us if you have any problems with drawing. We read all your comments and try to accommodate all your wishes and criticism. See you again!

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