How to Draw a Sledge

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How to draw a sledge

Hello everybody. Our readers and subscribers often ask us to make more drawing lessons about objects that we can see in everyday life. Thereby we have already drew such ordinary things as a table, a doll, a vase and much more. In this lesson we decided to continue that topic and made a lesson on how to draw a sledge.


Step 1

So, first take a pencil and using very light lines draw a flat rectangle (rather a rhombus), as in our example.

How to draw a sledge

Step 2

Now using light but slightly curved lines draw the runners and stanchions. The basic contours are ready, now we will detail the drawing.

How to sketch a sledge

Step 3

Beginning with this step the lines should be dark and clear. Now using the straight lines draw the top surface of the sledge.

How to draw a sledge

Step 4

Continue the lesson about how to draw a sledge. Using straight lines draw the outlines boards.

Learn to draw a sledge

Step 5

Get down a little lower and using slightly curved lines draw the stanchions.

How to draw a sledge step by step

Step 6

Carefully draw out the runners. Delete all the guidelines that we drew in the first steps.

Sledge drawing tutorial

Step 7

Now let’s add shadows to the unlighted areas in order to make the drawing more three-dimensional and realistic.

How to draw a sledge

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