How to Draw a Schoolbag

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How to draw a schoolbag

The schoolbag is in fact not much different from the usual backpack, which we already drew in one of the previous lessons. But many of our readers asked us to make a lesson about how to draw a schoolbag, and we created it.


Step 1

Just like in the lesson about the backpack, we need to sketch the outlines of the schoolbag using very light lines.

1 How to draw a schoolbag

Step 2

Now we sketch out a pocket in the front and shoulder straps in the back.

Learn how to draw a schoolbag

Step 3

Circle the front surface of the schoolbag with clear and dark lines. Draw out the pocket and a long zipper.

How to sketch a schoolbag

Step 4

Add pull tabs of zipper, a zipper on the pocket, some folds and lash tab (yes, this diamond-shaped thing on bags is called lash tab).

How to draw a bag

Step 5

Now circle the back of the school bag, straps and draw a handle at the top of the bag. Add a couple of seams and folds.

Schoolbag drawing tutorial

Step 6

The last step is traditional for our site – we add shadows with the help of dense hatching.

How to draw a schoolbag

As we have already said, drawing a lesson about how to draw a schoolbag is very similar to the way we drew a backpack. Write to us about what problems you encountered when you drew the backpack, so that our next drawing lessons were even more perfect, clear and understandable. You can also help our evolving by subscribing to us in social networks.

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