How to Draw a Saucepan

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5 How to draw a saucepan

Hello! Today we will draw a thing that you will definitely need if you want to make soup or hot sauce. As you can see we talk about a saucepan.


Step 1

First we will draw two ovals. Ovals must be in the same plane. In addition, these figures must have a different size. A larger oval should be on top.

How to draw a saucepan

Step 2

Believe me it will be a very simple step. Draw two lateral lines that connect the shapes from the previous step.

1 How to draw a saucepan


Step 3

And we continue the drawing lesson in which we tell you how to draw a saucepan. The actions to be performed in this step are:

  • Draw a long thin line around the lid;
  • Draw a handle that is located in the center of the lid;
  • Finally draw the handles that are located on the saucepan laterally. These pens should not be touched if the saucepan is hot. Of course if you are not a Human Torch.

2 How to draw a saucepan step by step


Step 4

Erase all the extra lines from the previous steps. Otherwise your pan will look transparent and unrealistic.

4 How to draw a saucepan step by step


Step 5

Draw very light shadows. The drawing is ready – it was not very difficult, was it?

5 How to draw a saucepan

Do not forget to write in the comments if you suddenly something did not work out in this drawing tutorial. See you soon!



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