How to Draw a Rose

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How to Draw a Rose

Hello, everybody! How to draw a rose? This question bothers all artists, both beginners and professionals. And in today’s drawing lesson we will show you the best way to draw a rose!


Step 1

At first draw an oval, tapering upwards. Under the oval draw a line, as a guide for the stem.

How to Draw a Rose step by step


Step 2

Now at the top of the oval draw a shape similar to the comma, which would become the center of the rosebud.

How to Draw a Rose with a pencil


Step 3

Start to draw the petals from the center, as in our example.

how to draw roses


Step 4

Using curved lines continue drawing petals. Each subsequent petal should slightly cover the previous one.

drawing of roses


Step 5

Continue adding petals as in our example. Note, that the each next petal should be larger than previous.

drawing of a rose


Step 6

Now make a rosebud sleeker, slightly changing the shape of its edges.

how to draw a realistic rose


Step 7

Erase the guidelines. Circle the lines to make them smooth and clean. Under the rosebud draw the sepals (leaves).

learn to draw


Step 8

Thicker the stem as in our example. Note, that the stem does not have to be straight.

how to draw a rose step by step with pencil


Step 9

Using smooth and curved lines draw the leafs.

how to draw a rose step by step with pencil


Step 9

Using z-shaped lines make the edges of leafs.

how to draw


Step 10

Add thorns to the stem.

rose drawing


Step 11

Draw the veins on the leafs. Add some shadows to the rosebud.

drawings of roses


Step 12

At this step just add some shadows to the leafs and stem.

How to Draw a Rose

It was the drawing lesson about how to draw a rose step by step. We hope the tutorial was interesting and informative for you. Draw roses from different viewpoints, using photos and real roses. Goodbye!

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