How to Draw a Peanut

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Peanut drawing

Do you know people who don’t like salted crispy peanuts? We have not heard of such people really. Today we have prepared a new drawing tutorial in which we will tell you about how to draw a peanut.

 This will be a new lesson from the section of very simple drawing lessons for beginning artists.


Step 1

First we draw a rounded shape that looks like an hourglass. As you see this figure is asymmetric

How to draw a peanut easy


Step 2

Now let’s work on the texture. It is much easier than it seems. We draw long wavy horizontal lines. Between them, draw short vertical lines with a slight bend.

How to draw a peanut step by step


Step 3

And as always in the last step, we use shading to draw shadows. Please do not forget to draw a shadow on the surface of the earth. It will make your drawing more realistic.

How to draw a peanut

We hope you have a great result. If you had any difficulties with drawing, please write about them in the comments. We will take this into account in the next drawing lessons.

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