How to Draw a Peach

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How to draw a peach

We continue to practice drawing realistic objects. All artists should be able to draw such simple things as fruits, vegetables and risky jugs.

Among other things, drawing such simple objects helps to learn how to draw clean and add shadows. And today we will show you how to draw a peach.


Step 1

We begin our drawing with a round shape. Please do not try to draw the perfect circle, just use very light lines.

How to draw a peach



Step 2

In this step we draw a stalk and a leaf. To make it more realistic, draw a smooth line under the stalk as in our example.

How to draw a peach step by step


Step 3

In this step we erase the lines inside the leaf so that it does not look transparent. We should also draw Now we draw veins on the leaf using several straight lines inside its outlines.

How to draw a peach fruit step by step


Step 4

And now we just have to work with the shadows. First we determine the direction of the light. After that we draw the shadows there where the light doesn’t fall. Shadows in our case look like dense hatching.

Peach drawing

As we said earlier, such articles help artists to understand the drawing of lines and shadows. You can draw a peach either separately or as part of a still life on the table. We are not very tired. We hope you too, because we have many new drawing lessons ahead. Do not forget to visit our website often to train your skills. See you later!

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