How to Draw a Maracas

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How to draw a maracas

Kind time of the day, dear readers. In these drawing tutorial we’ll show you how to draw a maracas.


Step 1

First of all draw two ovals located on vertical sticks. This is similar to the two crossing Chupa Chups.

How to draw a maracas


Step 2

the second action of this tutorial is drawing of the handles. Handles should be smooth and slightly curved. They should lie comfortably in hand.

How to sketch a maracas step by step

Step 3

Let’s try to erase superfluous guiding lines from the previous steps. We should get silhouettes like in this picture:

Learn to draw a maracas


Step 4

Now let’s draw patterns to decorate maracas. You can choose patterns for your taste.

Maracas drawing tutorial


Step 5

A few light shadows will make our drawing more realistic and complete.

How to draw a maracas



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