How to Draw a Magnet

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How to draw a magnet

Hello! Today we will show you how draw a Magnet. It will not be a very difficult drawing lesson and we hope that everyone will cope with it.


Step 1

First we will draw a parallelogram. This figure will show us the plane in which we will draw everything else.

How to draw a magnet


Step 2

Let’s draw a couple more lines. This action will add the volume to the shape from the previous step.

How to draw a magnet step by step

Step 3

Great, we have a platform that will help us draw a magnet. On the top of the figure we will draw an arc.

Learn to draw a magnet


Step 4

You may think: there are so many changes in this step! But if you look closely you will see that we draw only three lines. The curved line is located in the center of the figure, and short straight lines are located on the margins.

How to sketch a magnet easy

Step 5

Erase all lines from the first and second steps. Draw a straight line to show magnet’s margins.

Magnet drawing


Step 6

So we have a final of this tutorial in which we show how to draw a magnet. In this we draw very light shadows.

How to draw a magnet



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