How to Draw a Long Sword

longsword drawing

Welcome to DrawingForAll, dear readers! In this drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw a long sword. The long sword has an average length of 90cm, it is longer than short sword and shorter than greatsword. So let’s start!


Step 1

We start with a straight line. This line will make our sword of the most even and proportionate.

how to draw a longsword

Step 2

At the very end of the line draw a circle as a guide for a pommel.

how to draw a medieval sword

Step 3

Proceed to the grip of the sword. Draw the grip using in a shape of a cylinder.

how to draw a knight sword

Step 4

At the end of the grip draw the guard that can be straight or slightly curved as in our example.

how to draw a sword

Step 5

Draw the blade. The blade should be slightly wider than the handle and slowly taper closer to the tip.

learn how to draw a long sword step by step

Step 6

Erase the guideline that we have drawn in the first step and draw the fuller in the center of the blade.

how to draw a long sword

Step 7

And at the last step of the lesson on how to draw a longsword add some shadows using light hatching.

how to draw a longsword

The long sword is the most common type of swords in the world, such swords owned by the knights and warriors of the ancient and medieval worlds. We hope this drawing lesson was interesting and informative for you. Don’t forget to share this lesson and subscribe to us in social networks.

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