How to Draw a Lettuce

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How to draw a lettuce

We decided that our site is not useful to you. so today we will draw a very useful vegetable. We are talking about lettuce. Speaking seriously, this will be another drawing tutorial for beginning artists.

So let’s start this drawing tutorial about how to draw a lettuce step by step.


Step 1

First we draw the rounded outline of the vegetable. This figure tapers smoothly downwards.

How to draw a lettuce easy


Step 2

It’s very good that we don’t need to draw lettuce in the cut. We would have to draw a lot of leaves. But in this case, we simply draw the outlines of three large leaves from the outside.

How to draw a lettuce step by step


Step 3

Make the contours of the leaves uneven as in our sample. Erase all the extra lines from past steps.

How to draw a lettuce plant


Step 4

Now we have the final step in which we impose light shadows. Shadows in our case look like a light wide shading.

Lettuce drawing

We wait new meetings on our site’s pages. Don’t forget to read us – we make new draing tutorials each day. Goodbay!

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