How to Draw a Lamborghini

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lamborghini drawing


Hello, dear artists! In today’s drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw a Lamborghini. This tutorial is one of drawing lessons about how to draw cars (for example how to draw a car for kids).

So, let’s start the tutorial!

Step 1

First draw a rectangle. It will be the main part of our lamborghini. Don’t press down too hard on a pencil. Lines should be very light.

how to draw a lamborghini


Step 2

Using a curved line draw the roof of Lamborghini. Note, that Lamborghinis is characterized by its sharp and angular forms.

how to draw a sportcar


Step 3

Sketch out the outlines of the arcs. Using light lines draw the windscreen and hood.

how to draw a car


Step 4

Start adding the main details. Draw the angular headlights. Draw the lines of the hood and radiator grille. Draw the angular glass and the side  lines. Sketch out the shapes of wheels.

drawing with a pencil


Step 5

Erase the guidelines. Darken and smoothen the lines. Make the lines as clean as possible. Draw the details as in the example below (such as the lines on the door glass, mirrors and lines on the car body).

design lamborghini


Step 6

Draw the texture of the grille using crosshatching. Draw the nameplate on the hood.

how to draw a sportcar


Step 7

Add details inside the headlights. Start drawing rims. First draw the circles inside the wheels – it will be the outer edges of the rims. Then draw little circles right in the middle of the wheels.

lamborghini sport cars


Step 8

Draw the spokes of the rims around the little circles. note, that you can draw any form for Lamborghini rims.

how to draw a lamborghini

Step 9

So, the Lamborghini ready! As a final touch you can add some shadows using hatching.


lamborghini drawing

It was the drawing lesson about how to draw a Lamborghini. If you like this tutorial you can visit the tutorial about how to draw a car.

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  1. cooper

    wow thanks 🙂

    • Kamryn clark

      I finished and colored it neon greed. It looks doper than ever!

  2. cooper

    its dope :}

  3. None Of Your Business

    cool 😛

  4. Austin

    To hard

  5. Deez nuts

    I am a girl

  6. Tyga w

    To damn hard

  7. ZackGamesForDayz

    Wow i did it! My art teacher loved it!

  8. deez uts

    bbbbruuuh i sent this to a soldier

  9. I really need to learn how to draw

  10. Las draw

    Was hard but I did manage

  11. Las draw

    Was hard but I did manage to do it in the end

  12. jamirah

    i loved tracing it great work

  13. It isn’t very hard it just takes practice,i an amazing visual drawer so thanks for putting it step by step

  14. Eshant Dugar

    Wow!I did it!My relatives loved it!

  15. Those are really good drawings

  16. jidwyfvnt


  17. Ether I’m good or this is to easy

  18. This was so easy to do


  20. how can we swear???

  21. Love this

  22. poopoo

    to hard

  23. julian


  24. EE STEVE

    AWESOME CAR!! Easy to draw and good looking!!! Thx!!

  25. awesome man tnx

  26. easy

  27. tytytyty

    to hard but good pic

  28. Lamborghini fan

    Like lambos but too hard to draw

  29. peter rabbit

    loved drawing this fav car!!!!!

  30. Cool as hell

  31. riley carlson

    this looks awesome after it is done.

  32. Its good to draw and very easy.

  33. Artist

    It’s easy but the rear tyre was tuff to draw

  34. Cars are awesome

    It was very easy all my friends loved it so did my teacher.

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