How to Draw a Kiwi

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Kiwi drawing

We have prepared another drawing lesson about fruits. As you can see today we will tell about how to draw a kiwi.

This is one of those lessons that we create specifically for emerging artists. If you took a pencil in our hands yesterday, our lessons are exactly what you need.



Step 1

First we draw an asymmetrical circle. It should be slightly flattened above and below.

How to draw a kiwi easy


Step 2

As you remember this fruit has an interesting feature. Kiwi really has something like short hair. And we will draw this short hair in this step. It looks like ordinary short strokes or dots.

How to draw a kiwi step by step


Step 3

Now we draw light shadows. Shadows are located on the bottom of the fruit. Also do not forget to draw a shadow on the ground.

How to draw a kiwi

This lesson consists of only three super simple steps. And in general, this is an extremely simple lesson in which, in essence, we only needed to draw a “hairy oval” and draw some shadows. Do not forget that we read your comments and take into account all the criticism and suggestions, so write your thoughts in the comments to this article.

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