How to Draw a Heart Easy

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How to draw a head easy

We think that all people have drawn a heart at least for once in their lives.

 By the way, pay attention that when we speak about the drawn heart, we always imagine such a cartoon heart, and not a realistic heart with all the valves and vessels. So, let’s get down to drawing a lesson on how to draw a heart easy.


Step 1

The heart should turn out to be smooth and proportional, so to begin with, we outline a simple vertical line.

learn to draw easy

Step 2

Now let’s sketch out a few lines as shown in our example.

How to draw a heart easy

Step 3

Now with the help of two curved lines (similar to the McDonald’s logo) we draw the upper part of the heart.

How to draw a heart

Step 4

Continuing the lines from the previous step, draw the lower part of the heart, which connect at the bottom of the vertical line.

learn to draw easy

Step 5

Now we take an eraser and erase all the extra guidelines, in order for our heart drawing to be clear and beautiful.

How to draw a head easy

Our super simple drawing lesson about how to draw a heart easy is over, and we hope that all our readers, even the youngest, will be able to create such a simple drawing. But of course, it may be that this lesson was too simple for you, and you want something more complicated. If so, then visit our other articles, we are sure that you will find a drawing lesson to your taste.

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