How to draw a Guitar

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How to draw a guitar

Hello, dear artists and musicians. You very often asked us to teach you how to draw a guitar. And now we finally decided to make this drawing lesson.


Step 1

First of all we draw two ovals – one large and one slightly smaller. It will be the body of our guitar.

How to draw a guitar

Step 2

From the center of a small oval we draw a long rectangle – it is the neck of our guitar. At the end of the rectangle sketch out the headstock.

Learn to draw a guitar step by step

Step 3

Using two curved lines connect two ovals from the first step. In the lower right part of the guitar body draw a curved line.

Learn how to draw a guitar

Step 4

Delete all unnecessary guidelines from the previous steps. Using clear and dark lines draw out the guitar. Draw the sound hole.

Learn how to draw a guitar step by step

Step 5

Draw the side surface of the guitar, as shown in our example, to make the drawing more three-dimensional. Draw out the tuning pegs and bridge.

How to sketch a guitar step by step

Step 6

Using long, straight and dark lines draw the strings. Using short lines draw the position markers, and using circles draw out the string posts.

How to draw a guitar

Step 7

So, we got to the last step, where with the help of dense and clear hatching we will add shadows to give our drawing of the guitar more volume.

How to draw a guitar


The lesson about how to draw a guitar came to an end. We think that this lesson was simple enough and you could deal with it. Be that as it may, write us your criticism and your wishes, as well as subscribe to us in social networks.

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