How to Draw Glasses

how to draw ray ban glasses
Hello! Today we have prepared for you the new drawing tutorial in which we will learn to draw glasses.
Using this tutorial, you can draw any glasses. Actually, all eyeglasses differ only In form.Today we will learn from the example of the ray ban.
So let’s start this tutorial and learn how to draw glasses!

Step 1

We want to remind you that in the first steps you should try to not press down on the pencil too hard. So, in this step, outline the contours of the lenses – pay attention to their size and shape, the size is especially important.
how to draw glasses

Step 2

Now we outline the two temples of glasses. At their ends, we draw the temple tips. The very essence of the first two steps of this lesson is the same – we outline conditional “skeleton” of glasses.

how to draw glasses step by step

Step 3

Guide lines ready. Now, guided by these lines, we add the volume to the drawing.

how to draw sunglasses



Step 4

It is the final step. Erase the extra guidelines and add details. At the end add some shadows. And don’t forget to add highlights to the lenses


how to draw ray ban glasses


It was a tutorial in which we told you about how to draw a glasses. We think it was pretty easy. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. So get in touch with us!

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