How to Draw a Gingerbread Man

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How to draw a gingerbread man

We all probably love sweets, especially delicious cookies, and especially if they are made in the form of little cute people. And as you already understood, today we will show you how to draw gingerbread man.


Step 1

Draw a round head of a gingerbread man and uncomplicated outlines of the body.

How to draw a gingerbread man

Step 2

It’s time to draw the details of our gingerbread man with a few simple lines.

gingerbread man drawing tutorial

Step 3

A little more difficult step where we add some shadows to our gingerbread man and the drawing is ready.

How to draw a gingerbread man

The lesson about how to draw a gingerbread man can compete for the title “the easiest drawing lesson on Drawing For All”, as there were no complicated lines or intricate figures. In the category “For Beginners” you can find whole sea of very simple drawing lessons, so go there and see all our lessons.

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