How to Draw a Floor

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Floor drawing

On our site there is a category called “House” in which we usually publish everything related to the interior.

Most often we draw things like a couch or a chair, but today we decided to draw the thing without which it is impossible to imagine a single house – the floor. So let’s get down to the tutorial on how to draw a floor.


Step 1

Today we will draw a classic wooden floor. To do this, we will draw a long straight line, the intervals between which increases as approaching us.

How to draw a floor easy

Step 2

Let’s make our lines more like boards. Using short lines, we draw longitudinal lines on the floor, as in the example below.

How to draw a wooden floor

Step 3

Let’s draw a wood texture on our floor. We will do this with the help of smooth and uneven lines.┬áTry to make the lines more diverse.

How to draw a floor

This super simple drawing lesson was about how to draw a wooden floor. You can draw boards either with a ruler or without it. You can also diversify your drawing by changing the patterns on the floor. If you have learned how to draw a floor, you can draw things like a table or a armchair on your floor.

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