How to Draw a Chestnut

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Chestnut drawing

Good day! Today we will show you how to draw a сhestnut. There are no hard parts in this simple tutorial.

 This is like practicing drawing geometric shapes and light shadows. However, if you follow all the actions from our examples, you will get excellent results.


Step 1

When we draw people we start with stickman. When we draw the nuts we need to start with the base contour.

How to draw a chestnut step by step easy


Step 2

Now we add details that will convey the texture. On the top of the nut should draw a point. Just don’t make them too big. On a large part of the nut, we draw smooth stripes.

How to draw a nut


Step 3

Now draw a light shadow. In our example, the light falls on the right and the shadow is on the left. But you can choose the location of the shadow and light at your discretion.

How to draw a chestnut

We tried to make this lesson as easy as possible. And if something went wrong with you please write about it in the comments. We are waiting for you again on our site!

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