How to Draw a Cheese

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cheese pencile drawing

Hello everybody! We present you a new drawing lesson about food, and today we are going to draw cheese.This tutorial is quite simple, but in the end we have to get a realistic piece of cheese.

So let’s start this tutorial and find out how to draw a cheese!

Step 1

Draw a regular parallelogram – quadrangular figure, whose opposite sides are pairwise parallel.


How to draw cheese

Step 2

At the top of the parallelogram draw a triangle. The base of the triangle should be slightly rounded, as in our sample.

How to draw cheese step by step


Step 3

Outline the contours of cheese holes. Incidentally, the holes are formed from the cheese milk due to fermentation of milk.

drawing cheese


Step 4

It’s the easiest step of this tutorial. Just erase all the guidelines and make the lines more smooth and even.


draw a cheese


Step 5

At this step we add the shadows. As in previous tutorials we recommend you to do it by the hatching. First you need to find out where the light falls, then add shadows in those areas where the light does not fall.

cheese pencile drawing

It was tutorial about how to draw a cheese. You can leave it black and white, as in our example, or paint it the yellow as Wolverine’s costume. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you like to draw food, we advise you to try our lessons on how to draw an apple and how to draw a donut.

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