How to Draw a Cartoon Car Easy

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how to draw a cartoon car easy

We wish you all a good day! As you can see, we make car’s drawing tutorial. We specifically used the cartoon style of drawing to make this lesson as simple as possible.



Step 1

First, let’s try to draw a contour of the car’s corpus.It  looks like a rounded figure that narrows from left to right.

how to draw a cartoon car easy


Step 2

Now is the time to draw a roof. This part of the car body also should have a rounded shape. You can see here the principle of a snowman: a small figure is located on top of a large.

2 how to draw a car easy


Step 3

We continue tutorial in which we told about how to draw a Cartoon car easy step by step. In this stage we will draw a car wheels. Pay attention to the fact that the wheels are located very close to each other.

car drawing step by step


Step 4

So, let’s draw the front part of our car. Here you can see the headlights, bonnet cover and grille.

easy things to draw for kids



Step 5

And we have a final step of this drawing tutorial. Now we will draw details:

  • A rearview mirror;
  • Door handles;
  • Сar wheel disks;
  • Tire contours.

how to draw a cartoon car easy

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