How to Draw a Cantaloupe

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Cantaloupe drawing

In previous drawing lessons the team of showed you how to draw a melon and pumpkin.

In this drawing tutorial the team of will show you a similar plant, and as you already understood, the topic of this lesson is how to draw a cantaloupe.


Step 1

As in the melon lesson, we first outline the outlines of the plant using a usual oval and the location of the stem.

How to draw a cantaloupe

Step 2

Now with the help of a large number of simple lines arranged in a random order, we will draw the texture of the cantaloupe.

Learn how to draw a cantaloupe step by step

Step 3

With the help of dense hatching draw the shadows on the bottom of the cantaloupe. Next, draw the cast shadow on the surface under the plant.

How to draw a cantaloupe

Perhaps not many people know what cantaloupe is, and today we have tried to show it to you. This lesson consisted of only three very simple steps, and we believe that each of our readers will be able to cope with it. We would also like to note that this lesson is suitable for drawing not only cantaloupes, but also ordinary melons.

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