How to Draw a Box

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box drawing

Hello dear artists and welcome to the drawing lesson about how to draw a box. In fact, in one of the previous drawing lessons we were already drawing a box, but it was a cardboard box, and today we will draw a wooden box.


Step 1

So, first of all draw out the outlines of the box (that looks like a cube) with the help of straight, clear and dark lines.

how to draw a box

Step 2

Draw out the lines on each of the faces of the cube as shown in our example.

how to sketch a box

Step 3

Make our box drawing more voluminous as in our example.

learn to draw a box step by step

Step 4

Now with the help of straight lines draw the boards on each of the surfaces of the box.

how to draw a box step by step

Step 5

Using curved and uneven lines draw the texture of the wood. Add shadows using hatching.

box drawing

Today we showed you how to draw a box step by step. You can draw this box either separately or as part of some other picture.

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